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Capacity For The Call

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In all transparency, this has been a challenging season, and yet it has been one of the most sharpening and humbling seasons. When the Lord laid this ministry on our hearts and confirmed the vision repeatedly, we said yes. It was a shaky, yes, but it was a yes. We said yes when we did not have a map stating where the finish line was. We said yes when we did not know where the provisions would come from. We said yes when we could not answer most of the questions asked of us by others on the outside.

Quickly, we learned that as we took the first step in faith (saying "Yes"). The Lord was faithful in meeting us with the next one and the next one until this ministry began to move and take shape. We have witnessed the Lord's faithfulness and goodness in these days. Even in our hard times, there is great joy! Why? Because He is enough.

Daily, I fight against the battles and lies of whether or not we should be further along as a ministry. Am I doing enough? Could I be doing more? There is an over-looming shadow of what feels like a rush, and that is when my anxiety starts. But God is so faithful in reminding me that I am not doing this in my strength but in His power. If it was not for the "But God" moments, friends, I am not sure I would survive this season.

God has continuously told my heart these words: "I give capacity for the call." Remembering that it's His strength and His ministry has helped the need to hurry subsid and the focus of stewardship prevail. God's timing is God's timing, but my ability to steward is obedience in the waiting.

Wisdom teaches that it is not about the quantity of things we do but the quality with which we do them. So here I sit, learning to be content and fully present in this ministry, believing that the Lord's timing is perfect and my ability to steward what's in front of me, my lesson.

I'm not in a hurry.

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