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Love Remained Ministries is not a professional counseling service. We are a team of non-professionals who provide support to those who have experienced brokenness, trauma, and pain. While we strive to foster a process of healing through mentorship and discipleship, you are ultimately responsible for your own well-being and the choices you make.

Use of the site constitutes your agreement to the following:

1. You understand that our ministry is not a substitute for professional counseling.

2. You agree to NOT hold Love Remained Ministries or anyone affiliated responsible for any damages that may occur from the use of our facilities or from following any advice that may be given.

3. You understand that if you have plans to harm others, or yourself, you should immediately call 911 and seek appropriate professional help. You understand that if we learn of your plans to harm others, or yourself, we will immediately call 911 and seek professional help. Any information shared with us regarding your plans to harm others, or yourself is not confidential and will be shared with the proper authorities.

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