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Hope House Coffee, not just a coffee house but a full experience for both customer and team member. 


The customer, we believe is the heart beat of this business.  We are so excited to build a community around the heart to restore community. And what better way than to provide a complete customer experience from ambiance, conference room availability for that next meeting, and a warm cup of coffee. 


Our team is cultivated as a mentor/mentee environment. Hope House Coffee is an extension of Hope House Farms, a projected 89 acre restorative farm for those looking to get back on their feet or for those who were not afforded the opportunities of guidance, mentorship, and direction.


Our Life Skills Program will provide our team the opportunity to gain real-world work experience and restore them into an active part of society. Our team members will work with us for a year as they learn to adhere to a schedule, learn to be good stewards financially and learn the different facets of the trade such as customer service, team work, leadership qualities, and the art of making a great cup of coffee. 


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