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Disclaimer: The purpose of From Prodigal To Princess Ministries is to come along side of individuals/small groups with the purpose to engage, equip and provide literal Biblical and life principals and education in order to provide positive personal and spiritual growth.

The information that From Prodigal to Princess Ministries offers on this website is based on life and work experiences coupled with continued education, certifications, and ongoing life's work experience as a Holistic Counselor and ministry leader. 

By participating in our mentorship/discipleship programs, small groups, listening to our podcast, and or reading our blog, you acknowledge that From Prodigal to Princess Ministries and or its volunteers are NOT a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, or health care professional and our services DO NOT replace the care of psychologists, doctors, and other health care professionals. We advocate the importance of these entities within the complete wellness of an individual. Holistic counseling (mentoring/discipleship) is in no way to be constructed or substituted as psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling, and or any other type of medical advice. 

Materials offered, trainings, small groups, and individualized discipleships/mentoring have the potential to stir emotional or physical responses and or/stress. The objective of any services offered are for educational and or training developed and not psychotherapeutic in nature. If you have been treated for or believe you may have suffered from a psychological or traumatic injury, please consider if you are in a position to safely engage with the services offered by From Prodigal to Princess Ministries. We suggest that if you have undergone any of the above stresses/trauma that it might be in your best interest to enlist the support of a professional which can be a resource to you both during and after the coarse work. From Prodigal to Princess Ministries and or its volunteers are NOT liable for any distress participation might cause

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