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We think that it is imperative that we as a ministry share our statement of faith with you so that you will always have an upfront and honest view of what we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths. This statement of faith is based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and does not stem from the basis of religion. The relationship component of this ministry’s faith will never be argued, however we are built from a place of love and respect for anyone wishing to know more. It is not our place to judge, but to be available to love as Jesus loved and be the hands and feet we were called t

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Our Mission 

From Prodigal to Princess Ministries, is on a mission to Invite, Encourage, & Equip all woman within life's journey to seek

out God's character through the Biblical lens of Gods Word and accept the invitation of mercy and grace through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

First, we INVITE you to come be apart of this ministry in whatever way God has laid on your heart. If you need a sister or friend that will carry your burdens and or sharpen you... then that is what we do through weekly bible studies, work shops, and conferences.


If you are coming to us from a place of brokenness and you need a little more attention in this season, then we invite you to plug into our mentorship programs and walk through 6, 9 ,or 12 weeks of  individual mentoring or marriage mentoring with access to accountability.

If you are a broken bride in need of hope this season, then we want to minister to your heart immediately and love you through this season of brokenness. Our team is positioned with women, who have been there and stand ready to walk through this season with you. We offer small group and individual mentoring through a great resource called Reclaimed Ministries


Maybe God has laid this ministry on your heart and you are feeling called to financially partner with us. This ministry currently runs on the means in which God has provided and we will continue to operate from the place of blessing in which HE provides (never operating out of debt). We invite you to help us meet our financial goals to keep this ministry going. All the services we provide are at little to no cost (bible study books is the only cost that is currently endured by the participate). All individual and marriage mentoring is gifted on behalf of the ministry. We are happy to provide a receipt for your gift and for tax purposes.    

The dynamics of our world are always changing, times are ever evolving into new seasons that bring with it their own excitements, fears, and protocols, yet one thing we know without a doubt is that Jesus is still the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8). 


Part of our mission is to EQUIP women to know Gods truth (His Word) in a ever changing world, so that they can decipher the schemes and lies of the enemy, so that when the storms of life come, they will not fear, yet stand firm on the promises of His Word.


We EQUIP by rotating Bible studies and book studies during the week. Our studies are put in place to equip women in the different stages of life. We have studies for the mom, the professional, marriages, as well as Biblical book studies to name a few. We know that when woman come together to study God's Word, break through happens. 

In 2021 we will EQUIP by providing seasonal workshops that will teach woman how to dive into Gods Word by helping them learn new techniques in which will help them take scriptures and observe the text, apply the teaching and pray over the new discoveries. Gods Word does not need to feel foreign or scary. Its active and alive and brings transformation. 


Our prayer for future growth of EQUIPPING women would be the planning of P2P conferences in the coming years. These 2-3 day long conferences would do just as our mission states, it would INVITE woman from all over to hear the unavoidable love of Jesus in a place that provided community and support for the season they were in. It would EQUIP them with breakout sessions which would sharpen them Biblically and ENCOURAGE them spiritually within their journey. 

RELEASING SPRING 2021... Love Remained Podcast

This podcast has been a year in the making, by the time it launches, it will have been created, recreated, defined and redefined. We are looking forward to all that God has in store for this project. We are actively praying for the hearts who will hear, guests that will share and lives that will be transformed by the simple yet profound stories of Love Remained.

Thank you so much for checking out our "New Here" page, it is our goal to have answered within the buttons above all of your question as well as define the purpose of this ministry. In October of 2018 when this ministry was birthed, we had not even the capacity to envision what God had in store for From Prodigal to Princess, but we are staying obedient to the call and expectant of his great provisions ahead. Last but not least we covet your prayers, always. Please read below for our statement of faith. 

How Do We Invite?
How Do We Equip?
How Do We Equip?
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