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Find Hope, Find Healing, Gain Confidence

It is with such great honor to partner with Liz as she provides hope and healing to local brides within her community. As a Reclaimed Small Group Leader, I pray God protects Liz and her family as she shares her experience with others and guides other women through the curriculum. We have both been given a voice to share of what God has done in our lives and we trust you will be blessed by our story and those from others. Know that we serve a God that desires wholeness and delights in the praise of His children. Joy is possible again after marital betrayal. Hope is within reach. And our identity in Christ remains secure for all of eternity. 


Thank you From Prodigal to Princess for partnering  with Reclaimed Ministry!



Stephanie Broersma


What is



How Does Reclaimed Help Women?

Reclaimed Ministry provides resources for churches of any size to aid in supporting women as they heal from infidelity within their marriage. With three specific focuses: Community, Books, and Small Groups, Reclaimed provides tools to the local church assisting them in helping broken brides as they walk the road of recovery.


Reclaimed Ministry Community

This confidential and private community on Facebook is there to provide women around the country a safe place to connect, discuss with other women who have, or who are going through the process of healing from betrayal, and to share encouragement. A sense of belonging is formed as women are heard by others who understand the journey.



Reclaimed: Finding Your Identity after Marital Betrayal, is designed to help a broken bride walk herself through a 30 day path towards healing, regardless if she is married, separated, divorced or single. This resource is being used by pastors around the country to give to women as they come in after finding out about their husbands affair. The steps given, and stories shared by other women in this book will provide strength, and hope as they process their steps forward.


Reclaimed Small Groups

These confidential Small Groups are popping up all over the country! The Reclaimed Small Group curriculum is structured to be led by a woman who has found healing and wants to use her story and experience to help walk other broken women through the process of healing. The byproduct of these groups is a deepened sense of community amongst the women who have walked the road of healing together.


The curriculum has both Leaders Guides with extensive content to support the weekly meetings, and Study Guides for the women going through the course. Available for purchase at or on our resource tab within our website. 

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